Where am I?

So I promised I would write more and I haven’t. But I did miss you all. Life just got in the way. I didn’t make blogging a priority. Since I have been gone lots has gone on. I still am an artist. I sell online, in galleries and at art shows. Lots of new paintings have been created. I’m in the process right now on working on my new website with an online shop. This is so exciting for me. Soon you will be able to purchase my work from my site and not be directed to third parties site.

My adorable grandson is over a year old. I love spending time with him. My son and daughter in law just announced that they were having another baby in March. I can’t wait. Our family is so blessed.

My husband was laid off last October for eight months. We actually had a great time spending time together. We will survive retirement, lol. During those eight months, not much was created. It was a dry spell for me. It was tough having a change in my routine.

I have also been very involved in my church. In fact this past weekend I took on a leadership role and ran their fall kickoff. It was a huge success. My team fed over 200 church members. It was a fun time. I was relaxed and made this event a huge hit.

My artwork is now in another gallery. The 3rd Floor Gallery in the Gaylord building in Lockport, Illinois. All the artwork in the gallery is for sale online too. 3rd Floor Gallery

Take a peek at the beautiful artwork by local artists.

You can always follow me on facebook Up and Down Art . Everything I do is shown there.

Some new art to show you. These are some of my favorites:

They are all available for purchase. The angel will be at The Flower of Life Gallery in Lockport in The Origins IV art show.

The link to my Etsy Shop is: Up and Down Art by Kim Mlyniec

Hope to blog more in the near future.


Fall Flowers 

I just love the fall season. The leaves change colors, the crisp air and beautiful fall flowers. It’s a season that Mother Nature shares all the beauty with us. As the trees and bushes change colors, it’s amazing. Green, red, orange, deep purple, gold to brown. It’s one of my favorite seasons. I captured tge fall flower colors in these beautiful paintings. They are textured, because I love painting textured paintings. They have more depth for me, I love how the flowers peep out behind the grass. These paintings are beautiful on a desk, shelf or they are ready to hang. I love to paint the sides to complete the beauty. These stunning flowers I created are the perfect addition to your fall decorating. If you are interested you can buy them in my shop: Up and Down Art if your outside the US and are interested, please contact me and I will give you a shipping quote. Enjoy the beauty of the fall season. Look at the rich colors and enjoy nature as it changes. 

Origins 3 Gallery Show

This past weekend was the opening reception for Origins 3, a gallery show with The Lockport Artist Guild. Two of my paintings are on display at The Flower of Life Art Gallery in Lockport, Illinois. Both of my paintings are for sale and hopefully will sell. It is such a proud moment seeing others admire your artwork. I love sharing thoughts with the other local artists. It was such a fun night. The show will run for a couple of months. 

My first painting is titled Walking Through Life’s Journey. It’s an acrylic painting on 20″ x 24″ canvas. It represents the journey we take through life and the colors represent our moods and stages of life. My second one is Prospects of Gold and is an acrylic painting on 20″ x 24″ canvas. It is an abstract with gold leaf.  It represents life and how bright and shiny it can be. Both of these paintings are for sale. Please contact me if interested. 

Fun in the Sun 

This summer was the first time my artwork was shown in a gallery. It’s a little gallery in Lockport, Illinois called The Flower of Life Art Gallery. The artist guild I’m in put on shows several times a year there. It was so exciting to see my paintings hanging with other artists. The thrill of the day. The pure bliss and excitement. Also hoping one of them would sell. That didn’t happen, but I did have lots of friends go see my work. They even posted pictures on facebook next to my paintings. I could not have been prouder. Now these paintings are for sale in my Etsy shop: Up and Down Art

This upcoming weekend I will be in another show at the gallery. It’s called Origins III. I’m so excited to have two paintings on display. I will take photos and post those next week. If your in the Chicago area come out and see my work as well as other artists work. It’s a great gallery and opening night is so much fun. 


Sorry I haven’t kept up my blog this year. I’ve been busy with my new grandson. He is my little bundle of joy. He is the first for myself and my husband. We cherish every moment we spend with him. I’m going to be better at keeping my blog up to date hopefully starting today. My new goal. At least I’ve still been able to paint and create new items. My shop at least is up to date. One day at a time, I tell myself. 


So this past Christmas I asked for a silhouette machine. My children were nice enough to buy it for me. I thought I could use it to create my paintings by making stencils or wording for the paintings.  My handwriting is horrible and always ends up crooked. Lol How was I to know that I would love creating paper items to sell in my Etsy shop. I started with baby shower favors for my sons shower. They were adorable rattles with Eos in the center. Now I am making shower tags, vendor tags, gift tags and Christmas tags. I was even able to use the machine to create custom cards for a lovely lady. She bought the custom cards for surprise birthday gifts for her aunts. I love my machine. I even designed custom shirts for my daughters sorority. Expanding my business to shirts and paper designs has been so much fun. Interested in any of these items? Shop here: Up and Down Art 

Enjoy the photos of my new designs. 

Gentle Breeze 

Here is my newest original acrylic painting. I love the different color blues in the background and sides because they help the grass and dandelions pop off the canvas. Dandelions remind me of summer.  They are a weed, but they are pretty, especially when you blow on them as they sail through the air. This painting is on 8″ X 8″ gallery deep canvas. It is ready to hang or be placed on a shelf. It is ready for a new home so click to shop my etsy shop here: Up and Down Art

Make a Wish 

This is a stunning Daisy acrylic painting called Make a Wish. The beautiful background stands out behind the blowing daisies. All sides are painted to match the background. It is a 12″ X 12″ deep gallery canvas painting that looks great on a shelf or on the wall in any room or office. Available in my Etsy shop: Up and Down Art

Tender Kisses 

Summer is finally here in Chicago. The warm weather, grass is growing and green and so are the dandelions. This is where I get my inspiration for this acrylic painting. The dandelions are soft and gentle, blowing with the breeze like Tender Kisses touching you. Tender Kisses is painted on 8″ X 8″ deep gallery canvas. It is perfect for a shelf or hanging on the wall. All sides are painted to match the background. This original painting makes a lovely gift for someone special. Shop here: Up and Down Art in Etsy for a beautiful acrylic painting. Most paintings are on sale also for a limited time. 

New Note Cards 

Over the past several weeks I have added many new note cards to my Etsy store, Up and Down Art.  They are all able to be customized upon request.  All cards are created from my original paintings. Give my shop a look. Shipping outside the U.S. Is available. Message me for a quote. 


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